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ELTstorytelling ® can work with your organization to design storytelling practices and events which strengthen the use of language, communication and team building  in your school and cultivate cultures of dignity and respect among your students. 

ELTstorytelling ® offers

  • consultation on approaches to storytelling and narrative practices after assessing your organizational needs and determination of project goals.  

  • support  in creating story compilations, story based curricula and storytelling activities and events in the presence of audiences to give your school an advantage over other professionals in the area of teaching foreign languages.

  • Eight-hour staff seminars on storytelling techniques delivered in 4 sessions. Teachers will get tips on how to incorporate storytelling into their ongoing work after  they are introduced to the educational aspect  of the world of storytelling. They will learn how to spot stories that engage, what props to introduce and how to use their body language and voice. Educators will not only learn how to involve and engage students in their telling but how to activate students’ potential to storytell themselves. There will be suggestions on how to minimize rehearsal time and anxiety associated with the process of storytelling. This seminar promises to empower participants to master the storytelling tool at any language level, to benefit  their students but also spread a good word on the work of he school.

The seminars are conducted by Zafi Mandali. 

Zafi is a committed educator, director, performer and published writer. She has told stories to students of all ages, has worked with a variety of audiences and trained teachers on how to better teach and tell stories. Her storytelling repertory involves more than 60 stories from around the world which she has adapted for teaching purposes. She tells with enthusiasm and energy and involves children on the spot through participatory telling, filled with action. She also runs workshops with older children and adults who want to understand the power of storytelling and the secrets of the craft. 

To book a workshop contact Eltstorytelling ® on 6976390777    or  email to 

YouTube: Eltstorytelling

Breathe new life into your teaching.

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